Magellan Roadmate 6220

Magellan Roadmate 6220

Magellan Roadmate 6220 GPS is accurate and easy to use that fits with North America maps with no SD card required. It is very fast to triangulate your position accurately, begins guidance after a couple of minutes. It is accurate to within a few feet.

It  can guide you out of a parking lot, unlike MOST others which may say something like ‘proceed to highlighted route’ and you have no idea where to go. This one finds EXACTLY where you are and guides you out of there.

It has a customizable ‘ping’ when you’re supposed to do a maneuver, example turn right. You can set how close to the maneuver you want this to happen and the sound you want to hear. This is an invaluable feature especially when driving in the US where there isn’t much distance between signboards and the actual turn and where there can be a confusing amount of ramps and highway choices close to each other. This feature can certainly help with that.

Magellan Roadmate 6220 has driver-fatigue warnings that tell you when you should take a rest.
The way addresses are entered to search is very good, compared to others which start with the city, for example. Those can be a pain to use, this one is not.

The one-touch feature is very good, you can use it a lot to lock in several places you want to visit around your destination or just places you visit often. This is separate from the address-book feature. Battery life is good. Auto shut off works well.

Magellan Roadmate 6220 keeps your destination in memory after its shut off so don’t worry if you stop at a rest station and shut everything off, your route is safe. Screen is just the right size, not too small and not over-sized like some others.
Lane guidance is second to none. Both night and day views are bright enough.

Magellan Roadmate GPS Update

Features :

  • An integrated Dash Camera constantly records to be a witness to road events.
  • Built-in G-shock sensor automatically saves video if an impact is detected
  • Lifetime Maps keeps you map current with updates up to four times a year.
  • Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT give you visual and audio warning of reported red light and speed cameras on your route. Your data base gets free updates for an entire year.
  • Junction View graphically shows the freeway exits making it easy to know where your exit is.