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Magellan Latest Map and software Update.

Magellan GPS Update | Magellan GPS devices and their main features 

  • Magellan GPS update and GPS devices are unique, user friendly and innovative devices that fulfill the needs of almost all of the GPS users.
  • These devices provide you with the most recently updated maps and software
  • The Magellan GPS devices ensure their users with prompts and guidance for zero longevity in reaching their destination
  • Important Magellan software updates give you a wonderful driving experience with most innovative GPS technology.

Why does the Magellan GPS Unit need updated maps and software?

It is very important for Magellan GPS device users to check for the updates of maps and software for optimum health and flawless performance. These updates are very crucial for smooth functioning and new technology for your device. Magellan Map update

Key Steps to Perform an Update

Step 1. First thing you need to do is to connect the adapter to your Magellan GPS device. The continuous power supply is always required for updating the unit.

Step 2. Go to official website for downloading SmartGPS PC tool

  • After connecting your GPS unit to the adapter, next thing is to download the SmartGPS PC Tool as Magellan Content Manager is no longer supported
  • Go to Magellan’s official website to download the latest SmartGPS PC tool by typing the “” URL in the Google Chrome browser.
  • Press the Enter button to ensure that the website page is loaded successfully
  • Click the “Support” tab on the webpage.
  • Enter the GPS model in search button to find your device and click the download link for PC application

Step 3. Install the PC Tool in system tray under Windows

Follow the on screen instructions to install the PC tool. Click on agree and continue to install.  All the browsers should be closed while installing the tool. 

Step 4. Plug-in the Magellan GPS device to your computing device

  • Now connect your GPS device to your PC or Laptop.
  • Use the same USB cable that came along with your Unit to connect it to the PC or Laptop.
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to your computer or laptop and another end with your GPS Unit in their respective compatible ports.
  • Once the cable is connected to both the devices your GPS unit will turn on automatically.

Step 5. Launch the PC tool application or Content Manager

  • After your GPS device will get turned on automatically, Click on the PC Tool application which is now installed on your device.
  • Please click on the SmartGPS tool on your Desktop or on the System Tray to launch the software.
  • The PC Tool i.e SmartGPS application will come up on the desktop screen now.
  • Your Magellan Unit will be registered automatically. You can also login to your Magellan Account by putting the registered email and password
  • New user has to create a Magellan account first by typing the email and password in the Sign Up option on the official website | Magellan map update


Step 6. Magellan GPS Updates

  • On the SmartGPS application, click on “Check for updates.” You will get this option automatically on your application.
  • The SmartGPS PC tool will check the available software updates and Map updates. Once it finds the new updates, it will give you a pop up to click the update button. If you have already updated maps or software, the update button will not pop up.

Free Lifetime Latest Maps Update

  • Tap the “Get” tab to download and install the latest free lifetime maps update
  • Wait for the Magellan Map update bar to complete the download

Phantom Premium Update

  • Click on the “Get Now” button.
  • You will be redirected to SmartGPS Eco webpage.
  • Then you will have to login to your Magellan account on SmartGPS Eco website by typing in your email address and password
  • Then it will display all the available premium updates for your Magellan GPS unit by the name of Phantom Updates.
  • Choose the one which is required for your GPS unit from all the available Premium updates.
  • Then click on your Device Model from the drop-down menu and click the send button
  • Now you will get the selected update options for your GPS unit
  • Login to your Magellan account again
  • Choose the payment method and enter the payment details to complete the order.
  • Right-click on the Magellan icon from the System tray.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to get the paid update from the options available.
  • Phantom Premium Update installation process will be started automatically after that.

Step 7. Unplug your Magellan GPS Device

Once the update process is over, you can unplug your device from the PC or Laptop. Your Magellan GPS unit will be rebooted automatically. Now your GPS unit is loaded with premium updates.

Key functions of Magellan SmartGPS PC Tool or Content Manager?

  • Magellan SmartGPS PC Tool is a free software application that is available for all Magellan GPS users.
  • This software speeds up the operation of all Magellan GPS systems
  • It gives you access to the stored locations, new highways, POIs and new updates etc. This ensures your full control and flexibility on your GPS Unit. Magellan Map update

Magellan GPS Unit Registration

Registration of the Magellan GPS device is very important because it links the device software to the Magellan servers. It helps the SmartGPS PC Tool to recognize your GPS device also.

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