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Register Your Magellan GPS Device with SmartGPSEco to get latest Map, Point of Interest and Software update

Few Requirements for New Map Update

Follow Some of the Simple Steps and you are close to download the new map and software update for your Magellan Roadmate GPS

Working GPS Device

You Need to unplug your GPS from your vehicle and Make sure it turns on and working. A dead GPS unit might not get the new update

Home PC or a Laptop

As the New Map and software will be downloaded through smartgpseco website, So having the PC or Laptop is an important requirement.

USB Cable

USB Cable having one end compatible with GPS Unit and other fits into the computer is required to connect the GPS unit with the PC or a laptop

Internet Connection

As the new map and software update may be of large size, you need to have a good speed internet connection for downloading new update for your Magellan GPS

What is Smart GPS Eco?

SmartGPS Eco is the official website of Magellan that makes it quick and easy to register your RoadMate GPS with Magellan by your email and password. After your GPS device is registered with SmartGPS Eco account, it remains up-to-date with the latest maps and software

Magellan Content Manager

Earlier the PC tool to download new map and software update was Magellan Content Manager which is no longer supported by Magellan

SmartGPS PC Tool

SmartGPS PC Tool is an application for Map Update under Windows Operating System. It is an alternative for those Magellan GPS users who have troubles to configure the plug-in with browser.

SmartGPS Eco Official

Those GPS users who don't want to install SmartGPS PC Tool on their PC, they may go to smartgpseco official website and login with their email and password for downloading new map and software update

Common Issues with SmartGPS Eco

If you cannot log into Smart GPS Eco account this may be due to following reasons:

  • Magellan servers may be undergoing maintenance
  • Your email and password do not match with the SmartGPSEco system
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by visiting:ย
Once on the page, there is a โ€œForgot your password?โ€ link.
  • Click on the link
  • Enter your email address
  • Click โ€œSendโ€ย 
You will get an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
Follow the steps to install the plug-in, in case you are experiencing difficulties withย ย Windows 10.
First uninstall the plug-in from the PC and then try the steps below.
1. Download mgnContentManager.msi from the SmartGPS Eco website.
2.ย Close all Browsers including IE, FireFox, or Chrome before installing the plug-in.
3. Run mgnContentManager.msi to install by double clicking on itย 
4. Check Task Managerย to see thatย mgnContentManagerย is running. (Under Processesย ย shows up as SmartGPS Eco (32 bit).
5. Plug in the device to a USB port.
6. Open Chrome and it should recognize the device and show what updates areย  available.
The Browser device plugin supports two platforms, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
1. For Windows OS the plugin only works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.ย  If you don’t have these browsers yet, please install them and login to SmartGPS Eco.ย  Remember to close all browsers before installing the plugin.
2. For Mac OS, only Safari 11 or under works with the plugin.ย  It may not work with most of MAC OS

Official Smart GPS Eco

Above Pictures represent the browser device plugin error screen after you login to official smartgps eco account.

Having Issues Updating the Map

Download Smart GPS PC Tool to make it easy

Process of Map Update on SmartGPS Eco Website

The process of downloading latest map and software update on your Magellan GPS via SmartGPS Eco website is very simple and requires only few steps to follow

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